Condiments You Can Add to your Paleo Salad Dressing

Paleo Salad
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The Paleo diet is also known as the caveman diet. It pertains to eating healthy and nutritious foods, no additives or preservatives. Ancient men have a longer lifespan because of their eating habit. They don’t have access to foods containing preservatives such as hot sauce, ketchup, soy, and modern salad dressings. Vegetables and fruit salads are even more appealing to the palate if they have dressings. However, a lot of condiments are not paleo-friendly. If you want to spice up your salad dressings but you are a paleo dieter, then these are some of the condiments you can add to your salad dressing and to your food as a whole.

  • Mustard – This condiment makes the salad or any foods even more interesting than before. Do not purchase the available mustard in the supermarket. Create your very own mustard by soaking mustard seed overnight and add salt, water, and vinegar. If you want to completely dilute the ingredients, then you can blend them in the blender. If you don’t have the blender, then you can use mortar and pestle.
  • Mayo – For Paleo dieters, mayo is a big no because it contains additives and preservatives. However, this does not mean that you can no longer enjoy mayo in your salad dressing. You can create your own Paleo-friendly mayo by mixing egg yolk, mustard seed, lemon juice, salt, and paleo-friendly oil. It is all about mixing different healthy ingredients and presto! You will be able to enjoy mayo together with your vegetable salad.
  • Ketchup – The ketchup you regularly see on the market is definitely out. It contains a lot of additives and preservatives. If you love ketchup and you are on a Paleo diet, it does not mean that you can no longer enjoy it. Again, you can create your own ketchup by mixing fresh tomato paste, lemon juice, mustard seed, cinnamon, water, salt, cayenne pepper, and other spices. If you want a special ketchup, then you might want to add coriander seeds, olive oil, celery, and black pepper. It really is up to you to combine different ingredients. Adjust the ingredients according to your desired taste. You will need a blender to get the right consistency.

What to keep in mind?

When it comes to salad dressings for paleo diet, you can always mix and match different ingredients. Ideally, herbs oils, edible seeds, and spices are all okay for paleo dieters. If there are condiments that are restricted for paleo dieters, do not worry for you can always create your own version or better yet find an alternative.

Also, keep in mind that as you enter this diet, you have to make sure that you also get rid of other unhealthy activities like smoking and taking drugs, because no matter how much you exercise and diet, when you do these unhealthy things, it will still be difficult to bring your body to great shape and even harder for you to pass physical exams and even drug tests.


Paleo Diet: Things You Need To Know

Paleo Salad
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As we endorse Paleo diet to you, you will encounter a lot of negative feedback about the ins and outs of this diet. This is acceptable, as a lot of people are always skeptical about something. But, as there are plenty of negative comments, there are also tons and tons of positive feedback from satisfied people and from people who ACTUALLY did their work and followed the Paleo Diet to the tiniest details.

For instance, some are agitated by the fact that one of the best food items on the Paleo Diet menu are vegetable salads, yet, there are not enough salad dressings on the market that are approved of the Paleo Diet. Hence, people still fail to achieve the goal.

However, if only people start reading on the things they enter into, they would find out that while it is true that a lot of ready-made salad dressings are not fit for the Paleo Diet, one could always make home-made dressings that pass the standards.

Try other alternatives

Vinegar is the most commonly used ingredient in a paleo salad dressing. The thing with vinegar is that it is a fermented food and some people experience insulin resistance and leaky gut. If you are too sensitive with vinegar, then you can try other alternatives such as using orange juice or even lemon juice. You will be able to achieve the same tangy taste without exposing yourself to other health conditions. For that vinegar like consistency and taste, put the lemon juice in a container and wait for a few months before using it.

Just because you are on a paleo diet does not necessarily mean that you will have a hard time finding salad dressings. If you don’t have much time preparing your food, then now is the best time to do so. As with the salad dressing, you can create one that you can use for several months. Stay away from salad dressings offered in the supermarket as they mostly contained preservatives and additives. There are a few specialty stores that offer salad dressings to all types of dieters.

Diet is as meticulous as trying to pass a drug test so it is not an easy feat. It also needs dedication, so you better be ready to pour your heart out or nevermind starting on it, at all.

Salad Dressing Tips for Paleo Dieters

Some people are not aware that exercise alone will not be an easy road to losing weight and reaching a healthy body.

The reason?


Diet is still a very important factor in losing weight. Without proper diet, no matter the exercise you do in the gym, you will not lose weight as quickly as you hope.

This is the reason why I would like to endorse to you a fairly easy-to-follow diet, the Paleo diet.

If there is one food that a Paleo dieter can eat anytime, it would be vegetables. You can create a vegetable salad and add a meat of choice. Any meat will do as long as it is not processed. You are good with the veggies and meat, but what about the dressing? It is the type of dressing you choose that will add appealing taste to the salad.

There are different types of salad dressings, but a paleo-approved dressing usually consists of olive oil and vinegar seasoned with salt, pepper, and herbs. You can also add a fruit of your choice and put in the blender for a paleo-friendly fruit salad dressing. You have to be very careful when adding oil in your salad dressing and some oils are not paleo-friendly. Cheese, soy, and dairy products in general are not paleo friendly and so you should watch out for these ingredients in your salad.

Most readymade salad dressings are not paleo-friendly

Most of the salad dressings you can find in the supermarket are not paleo-friendly. Unless it is labelled paleo-friendly, do not purchase it. Watch out for uncommon ingredients such as potassium sorbate as they are preservatives and chemicals. You should also watch out for other ingredients that are high in sugar like refined white sugar and fructose corn syrup.

Following the Paleo diet is as easy as how people planning to pass a drug test would use synthetic urine – it becomes effective as long as you follow the instructions and bee cautious about it.

Paleo Salad
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