How to Send Long Video_ (iPhone)

In this modern era, people like everything to be done fast; including sending any photos, videos or any important documents.

The problem is sending those files, especially video, isn?t an easy thing to do when the size of the files are too long or too big.

This can be a problem for any devices, especially for iPhone users. Therefore, here are some choices about how to send long video iphone that you have to try:

Send via iCloud

As an iPhone user, you need to utilize all features you get from iPhone. One of them is an iCloud. To be able to use this, you first have to make the account. Normally, most of iPhone users have already made the account once they started using iPhone.

The iCloud itself is designed for iPhone users to provide any storage services. An iCloud account normally provides 5 GB free storage.

Send via AirDrop

If Android users can easily send each other large files using Bluetooth, IOS users can also maximize similar powerful transferring tools from iOS, as long as their device supports iOS 7 at least. One of the powerful transferring tools is AirDrop. In iOS, users can send each other large files easily using AirDrop. This feature from iOS has no limit or file size and the transferring process can be done in a matter of minutes, even seconds sometimes.

Send via Google Photos

For iOS users, AirDrop may be so helpful since it has no limitation about any filed to be send, but how if an iPhone user want to send large files who don?t use iPhone? If that is the case, you will need to install Google Photos to your iPhone or simply logging in your Google account if you already have one. However, you can only send videos from your camera roll folder if you choose this way

  1. Send via Dropbox

The last way you can try about how to send long video iphone is be sending it via Dropbox. What makes Dropbox better than all of the mentioned tools above is that Android and iOS users can send each other their files to Dropbox without any file size limitation and you can send any video from wherever it is, as long as you have a Dropbox account.

Although not everyone is an iPhone user, people really should about how to send long video iphone, in case they will need to deal with it in the future. In fact, understanding this method will make people easier in transferring large files from distances.

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